LOGOS International Center focuses on proactive and preventive care for
at-risk children and their families.

Our Programs

Mission: training and equipping nurses and volunteers in the art of caring for the whole person.


LOGOS Provides:

  • Theoretical and practical, on-site training for nurses and volunteers in Ukraine.

  • Ongoing support and encouragement to nurse/volunteer organization members.

  • Opportunities to connect with “faith community nurses” around the world through our affiliation with the International Parish Nursing Center.

Invalids, home-bound, widows and others who need help receive holistic care with love and spiritual attention, through “Bank of Hope,” a practical component Logos initiated in 2016.

Medical Ministries
Single Mothers

Transitional Living Centers for single or abandoned mothers and their children provide safe living conditions, plus opportunities to gain skills and education to provide for their family.


These centers offer encouragement and support, giving women the time and tools they need to stabilize their lives. Then, they can become independent and self-sufficient parents to children growing up in a secure, loving environment.


Meeting needs in this safe place prevents women in desperate circumstances from falling back into abusive circumstances or into the tragic bondage of human trafficking.

Aged Out Orphans

Ukrainian orphans “graduating” at age 16 into normal life often have inferior education and lack life, job and social skills. Without intervention, many go into drugs, commit suicide, or become victims of human trafficking.

Transitional Living Centers for these vulnerable young adults provide safe living conditions and opportunities to gain life skills and education necessary to succeed in life.


These centers offer encouragement, support, time and tools needed to stabilize their lives and become independent and self-sufficient.

Children have so much potential! Teens and adults do, too. They all need the opportunity to succeed in their world.  In fact, investing in education is the single most effective way to reduce poverty. Education and health work together to offer long-term impact. 

Education is more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. Individuals also need the critical skills and tools to help them provide better for themselves and their children. Education prepares people to work at higher-level jobs and can create opportunities for sustainable and viable economic growth-- now and into the future.


When our Soup Kitchen opened in February 2013, we immediately realized it would be more than a traditional place for the homeless, poor and lonely to get a plate of hot food.  

Thanks to the International Women’s Club’s generous donation of an insulated army tent, we provided shelter during the bitter winter for 8-12 people with no other roof over their heads. Approximately 50 people came through our Rehabilitation Center that first year. Most of them suffered from alcohol abuse. Some stayed, and some left, but each one heard—daily--of Jesus’ love, the power of His forgiveness, and hope for a transformed life.


People of all ages work out in our newly-renovated sports room.  This means health for the physical body and fellowship for their social needs.  The kids are off the streets and in positive activities. Older youth even mentor the younger ones in techniques and exercises to keep in shape.


In keeping with the foundational principles of our Christian community center, Pastor "Saul" Lee, a Master of Martial Arts with four black belts, not only teaches the art of Tae Kwon Do but incorporates prayer and Bible in each lesson. 

Tae Kwon Do